I have a request to add a feature to the scanning guns.
Currently our Techtrack scanning guns have the options to either scan Pickup, Delivered, Damaged.
-We will need to amend the original options to include the first screen being the option to select the provinces of Canada and one USA option. (Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Quebec, PEI, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, BC, Alberta, NWT, YK, Iqaluit, USA)
-The following screen will be to option to select the Final Mile Carrier.
-The third screen will be the service level. Option 1 Same Day, Option 2 Next Day, Option 3 Expedited Road, Option 4 Ground, Option 5 Other
  • The 4th Screen will then be Pickup, In Transit, Delivered, Other
The purpose of this is to to ensure that the person scanning the parcels should only be able to scan the correct combination while scanning.
Created by Hernan Sosa
January 22, 2024